Skutki promieniowania w Czarnobylu. Galeria godna polecenia, kiedyś wrzucałem, ale bardzo dobra i wielu fotografii nie widziałem wcześniej

„Your bones will rot, forever destroying your ability to create new blood cells. As you near the end, your immune system will completely collapse, your lungs, heart and other internal organs will begin to disintegrate, and you’ll cough them up. Your skin will eventually break down entirely, all but guaranteeing infection. One man from Chernobyl reported that when he stood up his skin slipped down off his leg like a sock. At high doses, radiation will change the very fabric of your DNA, turning you quite literally into a person other than the one you were before. And then you’ll die, in agony.”

Ponad 100 fotografii od budowy po katastrofę

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